Golden Grove Code Amendment

This site at Golden Grove site has been identified for re-zoning for residential use, first stage of the project has been approved by the minister to proceed to Community Consultation.
YAS Property & Development will deliver the project after two separate planning processes are complete.
Stage One of the Code Amendment – was initiated by the Minister for Planning in early 2023. A separate Code Amendment which would see Stage Two initiated is expected to follow once the initial planning process is finalised.
The proposal will inject vital housing into Adelaide’s north. The region is projected to accommodate about 20 per cent of projected population growth within Greater Adelaide over the next 10 years, with up to 14,000 new homes needed by 2030 to meet demand.
Community consultation on the Golden Grove Neighbourhood Code Amendment has now closed. YAS Property & Development will now review and summarise all submissions received and prepare an Outcomes of Community Engagement Report which includes:
    • details of the engagement which has occurred on the Code Amendment
    • the issues identified through the engagement and any outcomes arising following consideration of those issues
    • information about any change to the original proposal that the designated entity considers should be made
    • an analysis and evaluation of the engagement undertaken against the principles of the Community Engagement Charter.
For more information, see the Plan SA website